Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Laguna Honda Comments

Following a meeting at Clarendon School last night with neighbors, SFPUC was asked to research and post previous comments regarding this area that had not been published. Digging into Blogger, we found 5 comments that are now linked to the May 14 posting. Below is a new comment that we received today.

For response and further discussion, look for the SFPUC handout from the June 8 meeting. At the meeting, neighbors asked the SFPUC to verify the zoning for this property. While we do that, Kevin Barry, City Distribution Manager, promised that the SFPUC dive and operations staff will not pursue any further activities at the site.

Peter Cook and a fellow beekeeper also reported to the group. Peter is working to consolidate the bee hives within his allotted 125 sq. feet and will try to make the hives more asethetically pleasing.

New Comment:
My husband and I are not very happy with the construction site posted up (seemingly permanently) at the bottom of Clarendon Street at Laguna Honda Lake area. That is an area that we were told would turn back to it's natural green state. It is important for wildlife, dog walkers and the trails within the area should be restored for recreational purposes.

There was the hidden away water pump station which wasn't done very green and eliminated a lot of forest and now this. Please help our community by moving PUC to another area.

Brooke Spilberg

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