Thursday, October 1, 2009

Native Wildflower Hydroseeding at Stanford Heights

Why is the hillside by the reservoir suddenly GREEN, you might be wondering? On October 1st, the contractor sprayed native wildflower seeds, through a process called hydroseeding, onto the hillside area around the Stanford Heights Reservoir. Early this Spring, you will start to see beautiful native wildflowers growing. The green color is a mixture of seeds, nutrients and mulch.

Landscaping Update: After a few delays with the irrigation system, the contractor will complete the irrigation lines soon and will begin landscaping the area in mid-October.

After landscaping is complete, we will paint the blue valves and the chlorine building next to them to help may Agua Way look great! New landscaping will go in front of the valves too.
Repaving of Agua Way will take place next Spring.

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