Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Fence and Landscaping at Stanford Heights Reservoir

The contractor is making progress on the installation of the new fence around Stanford Heights Reservoir. We expect the reservoir project to be complete in early fall.

Several neighbors have voiced concerns about the height of the fence. The ten-foot fence is required by Homeland Security due to the fact this is a drinking water reservoir.

Landscaping work is taking place with the installation of many native, low-water-use plants and bushes.

As we near completion, we will install additional landscaping in front of the blue valves on Agua Way. Once landscaping is complete, we will paint the blue valves a better color so they blend into the hillside and tunnel. The nearby building to the left of the valves will also be repainted a similar color to the new pump station on Agua Way.

We expect the new pump station to be complete in December or early January.

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