Friday, March 13, 2009

Soil Stabilization and Equipment Safety Training at Summit Reservoir

Ground asphalt was recently spread on the dirt area near the Summit Reservoir walking path to help provide soil stabilization and tire traction for emergency vehicles. The site will also be used for period equipment safety training for our Water Department staff.

The Water Department coordinates required equipment training 'in-house' to train and certify employees on safe use of cranes and other equipment. We save thousands of dollars in taxpayer money by doing the training ourselves instead of hiring outside companies. We will periodically use Summit Reservoir for this training. Very little noise can be expected from the training and the walking path will remain open.

On or around March 30th and 31st, a small crane will be on site at Summit Reservoir and neighbors will notice Water Department staff and trainers using the crane. Additional training will take place in April and future months.

Feel free to stop by to say hello to our Water Department staff!

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